Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of jaw and tooth rregularities. Orthodontic therapy can help you correct various irregularities such as improper growth and development of the jaws, improper tooth position or lack of individual teeth.

After the examination, analysis of the jaw model and X-rays, the specialist doctor will explain to you which type of orthodontic appliance will best solve your orthodontic problem. These can be mobile dentures, fixed dentures or colorless teeth straightening foils.

Thanks to a large selection of methods and devices that can correct teeth or the unfavorable position of the jaws, orthodontic therapy can be equally successful at any age, both in children and adults. Mobile devices are used for deciduous and mixed dentition, while the fixed device is placed on permanent teeth.

All appliances work on the principle of applying pressure to the teeth in a certain period of time. It is important to know that all teeth move, not just those that are visible during a smile. The teeth will move in the desired direction egardless of age, so there is no difference in the result in a younger or older person.

The goal we want to achieve is the right concern and from the aesthetic point of view - a perfect smile! Before any start of therapy, we can show the patient a simulation of the final position of the tooth, that is, what his smile will look like after the therapy!